Monday, March 15, 2010

The Blind Side: Fact vs. Fiction
This is a feel-good movie about homeless african-american boy Michael Oher who taken in by the wealthy white family who opens up lots of opportunity for him. The most intriguing part of this film is that movie based on the true story.

After some people encouraged me to keep blogging, I made up this post which i longed for a while. By now, the most people already saw the movie and know that Sandra Bullock won Academy Award for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy. What you might not saw yet is the real people behind the story.
Leigh Anne Tuahy said about the movie "These people made it right. Maybe I wouldn’t use those drapes, and maybe I don’t wear my skirts that tight, but does it matter?"
In Blind Side, Quinton Aaron portrayed Michael Oher who is successful NFL player, the offensive lineman at Baltimor Raven. In the 2009 regular season, Michael started all 16 games at either right or left tackle and helped the Ravens gain the 2nd highest total of offensive yardage in Raven’s history.
FICTION: In movie, the teachers bristle at Mike's blank tests and mute silence, but they eventually discover that Michael isn't stupid, and that he learns best through oral communication. 
FACT: The high school principal didn't let Mike in before insisting on a home-school program for a few months to get his grades up.
FICTION: Sean Tuohy introduces himself to Michael who was collecting discarded bags of popcorn in the stands and they didn't meet until the Tuohy's fateful Thanksgiving drive.
FACT: Sean went back to there next day, and set up a lunch account for Michael to make sure he had something to eat.

FICTION: The Tuohys saw Michael on the side of the road, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in harsh weather. Leigh Anne offers Michael a place to stay for the night and their lives change forever.
FACT: In the morning, and Leigh Anne didn't offer him a place to stay immediately. Instead, she later went to school and took Michael shopping.

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