Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soldier of Love by Sade

Hit: Sade's new album

Nigerian born British soul singer Sade's new album Soldier of Love.
After i read that her last album swept the No 1 spot in USA, Canada, France and her home-place Great Britain i dug and found her really fascinating character. 
Sade was born on 1959 and now 50 years old. She's got beautiful exotic face from her Nigerian father and English mother.
She was huge in the 80s and the debut album Diamond Love was highly succesful around Europe. Subsequently, Sade and her band produced 5 more albums.
She is the most successful solo female artist in British history.

  1. To the Moon and The Sky
  2. Soldier of Love
  3. Morning Bird
  4. Babyfather
  5. Long Hard Road
  6. Be That Easy
  7. Bring Me Home
  8. In Another Time
  9. Skin
  10. The Safest Place
All songs are my personal favorite. I am in love with her.

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